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Baby Moves and Toddler Moves Classes

Baby Moves® and Toddler Moves is a unique multi-sensory, development programme for babies and young children from birth. During each session you and your baby or toddler will be encouraged to explore their environment and participate in lots of fun activities which will help to stimulate their brain and bodies to grow in a natural way.

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There are only a few rules at a Baby Moves or Toddler Moves workshop:
1. Your baby or toddler is in charge! Let her do what she wants when she wants to!

2. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, if you baby or toddler wants to go off and have a
crawl over the slope when everyone is singing, that’s OK by us.

3. Take your time, don’t rush from one activity to the next if your baby is happy doing
whatever they are doing. This is how they learn,  lots of repetition.

4. Take this opportunity to be with your special baby, look at him, tickle and stroke him, smile
and giggle together. It’s good to have some adult company from time to time, but take this
hour just for you and baby or toddler to be together.

5. Don’t be shy, it may sound like silly babbling noises to you, but your baby really does enjoy
listening to silly sounds and songs. This will help him to talk. In fact, act the fool, your toddler will love it!

6. Take these ideas home, show them to your partner, grandparents and older siblings and do
them all together as a family.

7. The most important rule of all, enjoy yourselves!!!

Have a look at our websites for more details about classes and training programmes:

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Have a look a the YouTube clip to see what happens at a Baby Moves – ‘Move to Learn’ Workshop

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Baby Moves workshops are currently held at The Radbrook Community Centre, Shrewsbury

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